Accolade Construction has been in the business of building for over 40 years. We have not only built homes and most other kinds of building structures but also lasting relationships with our clients.

The process of building demands more than just the laying bricks and mortar – it's about built-in quality and laying a solid foundation of trust. Both are earned via exceptional performance and sustained delivery over time.

Our capability and attention to detail has been widely acknowledged by the industry. In 2006, we earned the distinction of being named "a preferred choice developer and builder in Gauteng" by the National Home Building Registration Council (NHBRC).

In line with our building philosophy, we have recently engaged in and pioneered a best practice "green building" concept at the Avianto Residential Estate project.

We regularly receive references from clients, which clearly indicate their satisfaction with and approval of our work.

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Diversified capability, experience and expertise…

While we are positioned toward and occupy a niche in the middle and upmarket residential market sector, we have been involved in many other residential and commercial projects nationally, ranging from multi-million to smaller single residential contracts.

We are able to design, develop, manage and build in various architectural styles, specifications and sizes, always giving each project our undivided, personal attention. From the initial design, basic construction to the fixtures, fittings and finishing touches, we use only the best quality materials, systems and appliances installed by craftsmen, certified trades and approved contractors.

We have had years of combined, multi-faceted project management experience in both commercial and residential property. Through our affiliations, associations and connections, we are able to stay one step ahead of the latest developments.

We are able to offer complete, one-stop project packages from land procurement to contract construction and building, product planning and execution plus marketing and sales.

How we work…

The development process is normally a lengthy and fairly complex process involving high pressure and stress. From inception to completion, we focus our attention on making the client experience both pleasurable and rewarding.

We provide consistently high levels of personalized service and endeavour to deliver the best return on investment for our clients, be they principals, end-user owners, or buy-to-rent investors.

We become totally involved in the planning process and in the coordination of project participants and control functions. We manage all the variables.

We pride ourselves on our clean building habits, ensuring that while on site building debris is keep to a minimum and in a allocated area; even the building materials are given good "house keeping" attention.

By making use of natural materials that are both stylish and affordable, the green way of living can be attained and beautifully implemented. We are renowned for our expert craftsmanship – everything from cork and bamboo flooring to the natural stone tiles are laid with perfect precision. It's all about efficiency.

It has been on this basis that we have been able to satisfy some of the most discerning clients over years.

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